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Tjillevippen sa det forut, och sa slutade internet att fungera dar jag bosatt med medans jag letar nagonstans att bosatta mig pa for detta ar. Bad timing, det ar mitt signum det. Och jag vet ju hur griniga ni inte blir nar ni inte far nagot att lasa, sa jag bjuder pa lite engelsk lasning signerad mig sjalv idag (en lite kortare sak som ar snabb att lasa.

Och ja, jag fick A for den har ocksa...

The End

Hills of dirt and dust form an enormous letter M with you in the middle. Spread out like butter on a piece of bread, gravel and tar is laid out in a smooth path of tarmac through the barren landscape. An ant in the woods, a piss in the sea, that’s what you are when miles and miles of nothing surrounds you.

After days of travelling, hours of running and minutes of sleep, the pressure is getting too much. Your eyes struggle to stay open; your head tells you to stop. But sometimes intelligence isn’t connected to your head. Your body knows better than making foolish decisions based on emotions, especially when fleeing.

The forces of nature throw your body forward in the car seat as your foot hits the brakes. It wakes you up from your daze. Without realising it, your body reacted to the danger in front of you – but still there’s a risk behind you.

Ever since passing through the Day-to-Night Tunnel, the inside of your car has been lit up by four sets of headlights. The bright yellow flashes blended with the red from your rear cover the road in a pink glow.

Your companion is on the edge of her seat, pointing at a sign saying: “Road Ends”. Will your journey end with a who-knows-how-long dive down a canyon, or with them catching you?

100% certain death ahead; 95% certain death behind. What’s your next move?

The bare mountains around leave nowhere to escape. If you even get that far that is – the white stripes on the road keeps passing by beneath the car quickly. Objecting to the painful and undeserved treatment, the tires are screaming for it to stop. This isn’t their fault; they’ve helped you escape from many bank robberies before. And as the edge comes closer and the screams stops, they save you again.

A look into your partner’s eyes gives you the answer you’re looking for. The doors of the car flies open. You run west, she runs east. Your heavy breath and the heavy footsteps of your pursuers drench the sound of the engines left in the distance. Running up a steep hill when not knowing where you’re going is rough. Doing so with loaded guns on your tail and a case of money in your hand doesn’t make it easier.

Money has a way of doing that. It’s supposed to make life better, but when trying to get to that green, all it does is make things harder. Those beautiful, smooth bills, they can ruin your life.

Blending in with the stars, airplanes fly across the sky, but do little to cast a light on you in the gloomy night. You’re running to and through uncertainty, but you can’t resist thinking about her. She’s on the other side of the road, running up her side of the M, just like you. Is she thinking about you? You have no time to look back, but you want to. You have to.

Your head turns only to see the barrel of a gun hitting your jaw. When you stand back up you’re caught. Six men in front of you; the black abyss behind you. All suited up from neck to toe in pinstripes, they carry their pistols with grace – hats on the side, confidence in the eyes. There’s no sign of sweat on their foreheads, nothing hinting they struggled to catch you.

With a pulse of pain in your jaw you start to wonder how they found you. When entering the Day-to-Night Tunnel, the road was all yours. When exiting, the only things reminding you of daylight were bright eyes of pursuing cars. As usual, the bank job went according to plans. In, shout, money, out. Where did the special attention come from?

You’re left with two alternatives. The first is to hand over the money and hope for mercy. The other is to use your adrenaline as a springboard and jump into the pool of darkness behind you.

You silently consider your options when the clouds clear and the moon takes the stage. Its gaze allows you to see to the top of the hill on the other side. She too had looked back; she too is caught.

Even though the darkness doesn’t allow you to see her face, your eyes meet. You see her thoughts thrown out into the air between you. You’re both thinking the same thing.

You take a step back. She follows.


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du är bra på att skriva måste jag säga.

Diggar din blogg förresten :D

2010-11-10 @ 15:09:55
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